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Welcome to the NONPF Preceptor Portal!


NONPF is pleased to present resources to preceptors and others actively engaged in the clinical education of nurse practitioner students. Most offerings on this site are free to preceptors. These resources include video vignettes to demonstrate student and preceptor interactions, frequently asked questions for the preceptor and documents that are the foundation for the education of the nurse practitioner student. Our goal is to support you as you help to educate future advanced practice nurses.


FAQs for Preceptor Orientation

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) address topics that include the benefits of being a preceptor, getting started, and expectations of all the partners (preceptors, students, and faculty).

Faculty and Preceptor Checklist

In early 2018, the National Organization of Nurse Practitioner Faculties (NONPF) and the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) collaborated to develop a tool that addressed the inconsistent relationships between NP faculty and clinical preceptors. This tool resulted in the development of guidance checklists that outlined expectations when establishing clinical rotations for NP students. The Preceptor Expectation Checklist and the Faculty Expectation Checklist include evidence-based suggestions to promote a healthy, ongoing relationship and reduce barriers experienced by the clinical preceptor, NP faculty, or NP student.

The article that presented this checklist can be found in the October 2019 issue of Journal of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners.

Pitts, Courtney; Padden, Diane; Knestrick, Joyce; Bigley, Mary Beth.  A checklist for faculty and preceptor to enhance the nurse practitioner student clinical experience. Journal of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners. 31(10):591-597, October 2019.

With permission from Wolters Kluwer, publisher of Journal of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners, the checklist is available for you to download. 

In order to watch the live webinar from Wednesday, 12/11/2019, presented by NONPF and AANP, please click here.


Useful Resources for Preceptors

The foundation for the training of NP students is based on guidance from various accrediting agencies and national organizations. These documents include: Criteria for Evaluation of Nurse Practitioner Programs, NP Competencies, Consensus Model for APRN Regulation, Primary Care and Acute Care Certified NPs, and Nurse Practitioner Perspective on Education and Postgraduate Training.

Preceptor Manual

NONPF announces the release of the new edition of Partners in NP Education: A Preceptor Manual for NP Programs, Faculty, Preceptors, and Students (2nd Edition). As the title suggests, the manual offers guidance to each of the partners in NP clinical education. In a user-friendly format, modules present partner-specific information. A CD comes with the manual to facilitate duplication of content for the partners and customization of sample forms. The manual is available to order through the NONPF Store.

Preceptor Vignettes

Complimentary vignettes share best practices for specific clinical experiences and interactions between preceptors and NP students in acute care, primary care, and specialty settings.


One-Minute Preceptor: Acute Care Setting (6:50)

This video will give you a framework to provide feedback to students in an acute care setting, emergency department. It focuses on how to have the students collect an accurate history assessment and providing differential diagnoses.

One-Minute Preceptor: Primary Care Setting (5:58)

This video provides an example of a preceptor and student interaction in a primary care setting. It demonstrates how to provide feedback to a student following an outpatient visit by reinforcing what is done right and correcting mistakes.

One-Minute Preceptor: Working with the Overly Confident Student (7:21)

This video provides an example of a preceptor interaction with an overly confident and/or confrontational NP student. It demonstrates strategies for communicating expectations and providing constructive feedback.

Dealing with the Challenging Student: The Overly Sensitive Student (9:18)

This video provides an example of a preceptor interaction with an overly sensitive student. It illustrates approaches to mentor the student in professional behavior and expectations, and how to provide constructive feedback.

Preparing to Precept: Precepting in a Busy Clinic (12:32)

Preceptors may have to navigate managing a busy clinic while educating NP students. This video provides strategies for pre-planning activities that maximize time.

Preparing to Precept: Precepting Pediatric Clinical Experiences (7:20)

Preceptors in pediatric settings may encounter students without pediatric experience. This video provides strategies for preparing NP students for this population.


Precepting in an Interprofessional Educational Clinic Model (19:31)

This instructional video prepares clinical preceptors in the facilitation of an interprofessional education experience for students of healthcare professions who will have clinical experience is a community practice setting.  Goal to provide an introduction to interprofessional education and provide preceptors with a template to organize and coordinate an IPE clinic experience. 

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