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Program Details and Application

In 2014 National Organization of Nurse Practitioner Faculties (NONPF) developed a program for senior nurse practitioner faculty who have assumed leadership roles in their academic institutions as program directors and/or administrators. This leadership program was established to provide career and leadership development opportunities for academic NP educators.

The NONPF Leadership Mentor program provides participants with individualized assessments, exercises focused on leadership development, and strategies to help participants tackle the most pressing issues facing health care education.


Currently NONPF is not accepting applications and will announce this fall a call for applications. 


  • Promote personal and professional leadership development through individualized assessments
  • Apply methods of leading NP education programs such as strategic management skills, curriculum guidelines implementation, budget and data management for continuous quality improvement.
  • Compare different leadership styles and the situations in which they apply
  • Discover strategies to lead systems and innovation.
  • Evaluate your leadership style in different situations.

Project Description

The program will be overseen by the NONPF staff and the NONPF Board and will select a cohort of 8-10 NP faculty members to participate in the Leadership Mentor Program. The participants will examine critical issues that challenge leaders and engage in discussions that include:

  • Serving on Boards
  • Writing for publications
  • Policy advocacy
  • Evaluating NP programs
  • Innovation and excellence
  • Leading with emotional intelligence
  • Coaching teams towards excellence
  • Leadership strengths assessment

Eligibility Criteria

NONPF will select participants with consideration of creating a mix of participants from a range of perspectives and backgrounds and who represent small, large, urban, and rural NP programs. An applicant must be:

  • Active full-time appointment with an NP program
  • Currently teaching in an NP program
  • 2-5 years of teaching experience in an NP program
  • Current certification as an NP
  • NONPF member
  • Doctoral preparation or progress toward completion of a doctoral degree
  • Preferred current practice as an NP

Application Process

Interested NP faculty members should submit the 1-page application with supporting

  1. Letter of interest detailing personal and/or professional goals that s/he would hope to address during the program and an explanation of how s/he could benefit from the program. The letter should not exceed 2 pages.
  2. Letter of support from the applicant’s home institution confirming a commitment to allowing the faculty member to participate, attend the three conferences, a two-day workshop in DC and have time to complete other program activities, such as webinar and monthly mentoring calls. If an institution agrees to cover the travel expenses and other expenses, this can be included in the letter. The letter of support should be from the lead person for the NP program in which the applicant teaches and/or the program director or dean, if necessary for commitment of funding support.
  3. A current copy of the applicant’s curriculum vitae.

NONPF would like to thank Dr. Debra Barksdale who founded the Mentored-Leadership Program as her leadership project while in the RWJF Executive Nurse Fellows Program. With support from the RWJF, she partnered with NONPF to implement the initial program. NONPF continues to build upon the excellent work that Dr. Barksdale began in 2014.


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