NONPF Giving Campaign Acknowledgements and Appreciations
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Since the its inception in 1974, the National Organization of Nurse Practitioner Faculties (NONPF) has been dedicated to helping nursing faculty be the best they can be by sharing ideas, programs and partnerships, all to help prepare the next generation of nurse practitioners. We wanted to do more. It was time for the next big step in helping NP faculty and we needed you.



Inaugural Founders Circle

Members that donated to NONPF prior to September 1, 2016 have been inducted into the Inaugural Founders Circle. Many of you contributed as members of our Inaugural Founders Circle. Thank you to all contributors!  


Thank you to our Founders Circle Members!

Geri Budd
Susan Weber Buchholz Michael Carter
Susan Ruppert
Mary Anne Dumas

Susan Corbridge
Delta Six* Shirley Dinkel
Kathryn Ellis Kate Fiandt Lorna Finnegan
Nan Gaylord Nancy George Janet Hale
Anna Hamrick
MJ Henderson
Rod Hicks
Deborah Hopla
Shannon Idzik
Jean Johnson
Tess Judge-Ellis
Susan Kelly-Weeder
Joann Loomis
Lucy Marion
Sara McCumber Sheila Melander
Emily Merrill
Jamesetta Newland
Ann O'Sullivan
Courtney Pitts
Cathlin Poronsky
Allen Prettyman
Randolph Rasch
Nancy Ridenour
Gloria Rose
Joanne Thanavaro
Anne Thomas
 Carol Thompson
Wichita State University, School of Nursing
Veronica Wilbur
 Andrea Wolf
 Phyllis Zimmer


*Delta Six includes members of the Inaugural Leadership Mentoring Cohort and their mentor:  Debra Barksdale, Kenya Beard, Latina Brooks, Gina Dahlem, Loureen Downes, Courtney Pitts.


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