NONPF Faculty Institute Webinar
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NONPF Faculty Webinar Series

The NONPF Faculty Webinar Series sustains the mission of NONPF to support high-quality NP education.These webinars will provide NP faculty with the resources needed to deliver quality NP education within the NP faculty role. 

NONPF Faculty Webinar Series #3:

Eliminating Microaggressive Behavior in Academia


NONPF's Faculty Webinar Series is BACK with our 3rd 3-part series of informational webinars - this time, we're focusing on Microaggressions in academia!

The NONPF Diversity SIG Microaggressions Subcommittee proposes to develop an educational program that will align with the 2018 NONPF Diversity Statement, specifically, to “identify factors that impact recruitment, hiring, advancement, and retention of NP faculty of color”.

By the end of this series of webinars, each attendee will be able to:

  1. Create awareness around common occurrences of microaggressions;
  2. Illustrate the characteristics of microaggressions in academic settings;
  3. Actualize 3 concepts related to microaggression in academia;
  4. Discover strategies to reduce microaggressive occurrences;
  5. Identify concepts related to creating a culture of trust;
  6. Apply concepts related to a culture of trust to educational programs;
  7. Identify microaggressive behaviors; 
  8. Develop objectives for addressing and eliminating microaggressive behaviors in academic settings; and
  9. Evaluate current academic organizations in the context of existing culture of trust, awareness of microaggressive behaviors, and corrective action mechanisms.

Participants will be awarded 3 CEUs for the 3-hour webinar series (1 CEU credit per webinar).


To learn more about each specific webinar, please see the corresponding link below:

 To Register Click Here!   Webinar Series 3 Package (all 3 webinars included) ($100.00 for Members | $125.00 for Non-Members)

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