Special Interest Groups (SIGs)
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Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are formal groups within NONPF formed for the purpose of providing additional opportunities for participation within the organization and networking among faculty.  SIGs facilitate communication within the organization on topics of interest to members.  As well, they provide a ready list of identified  members with an interest and expertise in a particular area.  Members of NONPF can join SIGs for $15 each, during their membership renewal process.  SIG memberships are active September 1 - August 31st.  If you wish to join a SIG when it is not during the membership renewal process, please visit the Store.

Acute Care SIG

Chairperson:  Audrey Snyder
Co-Chairperson:  Kristi Vaughn

Description: The Acute Care SIG is a special interest group that addresses issues related to Acute Care Nurse Practitioner education and practice.  This SIG did preliminary work in identifying entry-level competencies and has served as a resource to the National Panel currently finalizing consensus-based competencies for the Acute Care NP. 


Addictions SIG

Chairperson: Heather Frye
Co-Chairperson:  Jill Terrien

Description: The Addictions SIG was developed in response to dialogue regarding the global opioid epidemic and the commonality of substance use patients treated across all nurse practitioner specialties. The skills to appropriately identify, assess, evaluate, treat, and refer these patients are developed by building on basic knowledge and gaining experience in practice. By coming together across all specialties and sharing ideas, experiences, scenarios, and clinical pearls we are able to establish the most comprehensive skill set. The Addictions SIG formulates this cumulative knowledge into academic content which is shared with NONPF members in the form of didactic dissemination, simulation experiences, and clinical application.


Distance Learning SIG

Chairperson: Catherine Wilson  
Co-Chairperson: Elaine Kauschinger

Description: The Distance Learning SIG addresses issues related to the development and design of NP distance learning programs, innovations in technology, and informatics for NP practice.  This SIG developed the Guidelines for Distance Learning in Nurse Practitioner Education and organized a preconference session at the NONPF 2002 annual meeting.


Diversity SIG

Chairperson:  Liz Gatewood
Cindy Broholm

Description:   The Diversity SIG’s work will be based on the recognition that racism and discrimination on the basis of ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, class and disability contributes to adverse health outcomes.  This SIG seeks to address these issues at an educational as well as organizational and system levels.  (This SIG is newly forming and is a probationary status)


Emergency NP SIG

Chairperson: Jennifer Wilbeck
Co-Chairperson: Dian Evans

Description: The Emergency NP SIG is a special interest group bringing together educators from across the nation to work on curriculum standards and faculty preparation to ensure that students are competent to work in emergency care settings.


Faculty Practice SIG

Chairperson:Lauren Diegel-Vacek 
Co-chairperson: Kelly Gonzales

Description: The Faculty Practice SIG focuses on the advancement of traditional and innovative faculty practice models. This SIG provides a forum for networking for NONPF members striving to begin or sustain successful faculty practice models.


Gerontological SIG

Chairperson: Evelyn Duffy 
Co-Chairperson: Valerie Cotter

Description: The Gerontological Nurse Practitioner SIG addresses issues related to gerontological content for NPs and the GNP role.  This SIG held its first meeting in April 2004. 


Global Health/International SIG

Chairperson: Karen Moore
Co-Chairperson: Omolara Fyle-Thorpe

Description: The Global Health / International SIG is a group of national and international faculty involved in APN education, research and practice in the global nursing community. The members of this group focus on collaborating across borders, oceans and continents in an effort to enhance the preparation of APNs globally. The overall goal is to facilitate dialogue about global health issues that affect education, practice and policy of the APN worldwide through the sharing of ideas, resources, materials, methods, outcomes and contextual or collegial exchange. The SIG collaborates closely with the Global Advancement Committee.


Health Policy Education SIG

Chair Person: Charlotte Swint
Co-Chairperson: Leonie DeClerk

Description: The Health Policy Education SIG convenes NONPF members who teach health policy or who are interested in teaching or learning about health policy in nurse practitioner education. Further, works to served NONPF through sharing, developing and promoting health policy education techniques for NP faculty. 


Program Directors SIG

Chairperson:  Jean Boucher
Co-Chairperson:  Leslie Hopkins

Description: The Program Director SIG addresses issues related to program administration and funding and other related topics.


Psychiatric Mental Health SIG

Co-Chairperson: Laura Melaro
Co-Chairperson:  Dan Wesmann

Description: The Psychiatric Mental Health Special Interest Group addresses issues related to Psychiatric-Mental health nurse practitioner education and practice.  This SIG initiated development of the PMHNP competencies, served as a resource to the National Panel that identified the consensus-based competencies, and organized a symposium on implementation of the competencies for the NONPF 2004 annual meeting.


Research SIG

 Chairperson:  Sheryl Mitchell
Co-Chairperson: Andrea Fuller

Description: The Research SIG addresses issues related to nurse practitioner research and the research needs of nurse practitioner faculty members. The Research SIG formed in 2007 after the NONPF Board restructured and the Research Committee was dissolved. The Research SIG seeks to promote participation and excellence in clinical scholarship of all NONPF members.


Sexual and Reproductive Health SIG

Chairperson: Nancy Selix
Co-Chairperson: Justin Waryold

Description:  The Sexual and Reproductive Health SIG facilitates dialogue on strengthening the capacity of nurse practitioners to provide evidence-based, culturally competent counseling and care to meet the sexual and reproductive needs of women and men throughout the life span. The SIG formed in 2010.


Simulation SIG

Chairperson:  Annette Carley
Co-Chairperson:  Jo Loomis

Description:  The Simulation SIG was developed in response to member discussion about supporting use of simulation-based strategies in NP education. By continuing the conversation and sharing experiences across specialties we will be able to create recommendations that support development, generation of evidence and advocacy for this educational strategy to benefit NONPF members and the NP community.


Trauma Informed and Resilience 

Chairperson: Tess Judge-Ellis

Co-Chairperson: Kate Wheeler and Elizabeth Rice

Description:  The Trauma Informed and Resilience SIG acknowledges the high incidence of exposure to trauma either as a child or through other adverse experiences. The SIG works to increase knowledge, awareness and skills of nurse practitioner faculty on effective educational strategies, clinical competencies and current research related to trauma and resilience.




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