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NONPF Committees

In fall 2006, the NONPF membership voted to adopt a new organizational structure that will include 4 standing committees. What follows is a description of each committee and the corresponding goals.  The NONPF leadership welcomes feedback from the membership on the identified goals for each committee.  Any member interested in serving on a committee, should contact the NONPF office at or 202-289-8044.

Curricular Leadership Committee

Chairperson:   Annette Jakubisin
Co-chairperson:   Ashley Hodges

To advise the Organization on quality curricular design, new and emerging curricula, NP program and educational guidelines development, and competency development, revision and validation.  In addition, this committee will facilitate global educational consultation and resource sharing.          

Committee Goals

  1. Design curricular documents (standards, guidelines, competencies) for emerging areas of NP education
  2. Revise and modify existing standards, guidelines, and competencies for NP education in concert with changing needs
  3. Provide guidance and direction to NP programs, such as transitioning from MS to DNP, establishing new NP programs, and expanding clinical tracks.
  4. Establish affiliations and linkages to influence NP education globally

Member Resources Committee

Chairpersons:   Amber Littlefield
Co-Chairperson:   Joanne Keefe

To provide leadership in expanding the membership and member benefits through activities such as recruitment of diverse faculty, development of international member agreements, assessment of faculty and program needs, and member communications. The committee shall also have oversight of membership recognition awards for quality work done in areas such as, teaching, practice, research, and policy.

 Committee Goals

  1. Increase membership in NONPF, including enhancing the diversity of faculty representation and participation of international faculty.
  2. Assess members’ needs to inform development of resources and benefits within NONPF
  3. Develop new membership benefits
  4. Maintain individual profile data to identify experience and expertise of members.
  5. Identify opportunities for member participation in organizational activities
  6. Recognize the breadth and variation of scholarship demonstrated by NP faculty.

Faculty and 
Preceptor Development Committee

Chairperson:   Susan Corbridge
Co-chairperson:   Carolyn Rutledge

To provide leadership for the Annual Meeting and other programs that emphasize development and advancement of the faculty and preceptor roles. This committee will identify data needs and research priorities relevant to promoting and delivering NP education and to addressing workforce issues.           

Committee Goals

1.      Update preceptor portal (in progress)

 2.      Continue work on preceptor orientation vignettes

3.      Work with HRSA grantees

4.      Investigate best way to obtain CEUs for preceptors

5.      Develop webinar series

Finance, Capital Development and Marketing Committee

Chairperson:  Anna S. Hamrick
Co-chairperson: Dwayne Hooks

To  advise the organization on matters relating to finances and budget, developing revenue streams, establishing and maintaining endowments, and marketing the organization’s products.      

Committee Goals

1.      Review, revise and approve draft 2018 budget

2.      Develop revenue streams

3.      Develop marketing strategies for revenue streams

4.      Develop membership marketing strategy

5.      Determine need for investment advisor

6.      Strengthen and maintain Giving Campaign

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