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Curricular Leadership Committee

Chairperson: Ashley Hodges (Email)


To advise the organization on quality curricular design, new and emerging curricula, NP program and educational guidelines development, and competency development, revision and validation. In addition, this committee will facilitate global educational consultation and resource sharing.


2019 - 2020 Committee Charges

  • Propose curriculum models for a seamless BSN to DNP program
  • Support various DNP Summit workgroup activities
  • Identify items in the National Taskforce on Quality Nurse Practitioner Education Criteria for Evaluation of Nurse Practitioner Education Programs to be considered for revision 

Faculty and Preceptor Development Committee

Chairperson: Kathy Sparbel (Email)


To provide leadership for the Annual Meeting and other programs that emphasize the development and advancement of faculty and preceptor roles. This committee will identify data needs and research priorities relevant to promoting and delivering NP education and to addressing workforce issues.

2019 - 2020 Committee Charges

  • Continue to update preceptor portal
  • Continue work on preceptor orientation vignettes
  • Solicit preceptor resources, review submissions and organize resources for the NONPF website.
  • Discuss how to integrate various products with the NONPF Preceptor Portal
  • Develop webinar series to disseminate resources

Finance, Capital Development, and Marketing Committee

Chairperson: Anna S. Hamrick (Email)


To advise the organization on matters relating to finances and budget, developing revenue streams, establishing and maintaining endowments, and marketing the organization’s products.

2019 - 2020 Committee Charges

Simulation Committee

Chairperson: Jaclyn Conelius, PhD, FNP-BC, FHRS (Email)

  • Review, revise and approve draft 2019 budget
  • Develop sponsorship and revenue partners
  • Ongoing review of investment activities


This committee advises and engages with leadership about the evaluation tools and resources used to advance the use of simulations to assess NP competencies.

2019 - 2020 Committee Charges

  • Identify best practices and faculty resources
  • Propose simulation tools for formative and summative evaluation
  • Collaborate with partners to build evidence on the use of simulation in NP education.



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