2021 Election - Call for Board Nominations

NONPF 2021 Election

Deadline: September 30, 2020 11:59 PM PT


The National Organization of Nurse Practitioner Faculties (NONPF) is pleased to announce that the Call for Nominations for the 2021 Board Elections is now open. NONPF is seeking nurse practitioner faculty from a variety of academic institutions and programs for the following positions: Secretary, Board Member at Large, and Nominating Committee.

If you are interested in submitting your name or wish to nominate a candidate for consideration by the Nominating Committee for the election slate, please complete the online nomination form (at the end of page) by September 30, 2020.  

**If you would like more information regarding the open positions, please view the informational session video hosted by the Nominating Committee September 16, 2020 to discuss criteria and expectations of a NONPF Board Member. To watch the video, click this link.

Vacant Positions

Secretary (2021-2023)

It shall be the duty of the secretary to maintain records of the Organization; to issue notice of meetings, to arrange such details of meetings as are not otherwise delegated to others; and to maintain the archival records of the organization and to perform in general functions commonly identified with such office. The secretary shall serve as Chair of the Bylaws Committee and shall maintain a file of committee and SIG reports.


Key Activities: (1) Drafts and reviews minutes of Board and business meetings; (2) Monitors the need for Bylaws revision and convenes task force accordingly; (3) maintains periodic reports from committees and SIGs; (4) monitors strategic planning cycle and updates annual tactical plan; (5) Participates in monthly Board conference calls and a minimum of 2 Board meetings per year; (6) participates in strategic planning and implementation of tactical initiatives; (7) sustains weekly Board email communications; and (8) serves on the Executive Committee.


 Board Member at Large (2021-2023)

Members shall elect 4 candidates.
It shall be the duty of Board Members-at-Large to act on behalf of the organization in the arrangement and management of activities and in policy formation not explicitly assigned as a responsibility of an officer of the organization.  Board Members-at-Large will be assigned specific duties to carry out the work of the Board and the organization.  These duties may include providing liaison or leadership to the standing committees of the organization (Member Resources, Curricular Leadership).


Key Activities: (1) Participates in monthly Board conference calls and a minimum of 2 Board meetings per year; (2) participates in strategic planning and implementation of tactical initiatives; (3) sustains weekly Board email communications; (4) tracks the assignments and work of standing committees and ad hoc task forces; and (5) assumes duties and assignments as necessary to advance the mission. 


Nominating Committee (2021-2023)

Members shall elect 2 candidates.

The committee prepares an annual slate of nominees for election to NONPF and oversees the annual election.  Members of the committee cannot run for office while serving on the committee but are eligible to run one year later in the next election.

The member who has the highest votes will become the chair of the committee during their second year of serving.

Key Activities: (1) Develops candidate eligibility criteria; (2) identifies candidates & solicits nominations for Board vacancies; (3) submits a slate of candidates to the Board and membership; and (4) oversees the election process.



The Nominating Committee will consider candidates’ experiences and skills relative to NONPF’s leadership model and advancing the goals of the organization. Candidates must demonstrate a commitment and willingness to serve on a working Board and accordingly, to accept assignments related to the work of the organization. The Nominating Committee looks at diversity in representation in the selection of candidates for inclusion on the election slate. The Committee also looks for nominations of individuals with high level of engagement in academic and professional organizations. The NONPF leadership model includes a Board composed of 4 officers (who serve on the Executive Committee) and 7 directors-at-large who provide governance to the organization while implementing the organization’s strategic plan through a structure of committees. 

Statement of Inclusiveness

The Nominating Committee is committed to upholding NONPF’s dedication to diversity and inclusion across nurse practitioner education programs. fostering an environment that enables members to feel valued, respected, and safe, and developing a diverse and inclusive slate of candidates.

Criteria for developing the final state
    • Minimum of two nominations for each open seat and a maximum of three.
    • Two-year minimum as member of NONPF required.
    • Experience in NONPF’s workgroup, committee and/or SIGs.
    • Related experience in other leadership position in other nursing national membership organizations.
    • Representation of school size, geographic areas, and programs.
    • Racial and ethnic representation


Complete the nomination form online and upload an updated CV. All nominations must indicate that the candidate has reviewed the “Board Member Commitment” statement, include a signed “Candidate Consent Form,” and have an active NONPF membership. 


 As a NONPF Board member, you are expected to remain an active and regular participant in board activities. Your roles and responsibilities as a Board member are listed below. Please read them carefully. By applying for a board position, you confirm that you are willing and able to meet these responsibilities and to be an active, contributing member. 

Appointment of Board Members Serve a 2-year term and for the President Elect position two additional years as President

  • Commit 4 hours per week to committee work; may vary depending on deadlines
  • Participation in at least 80% of board meetingsMaintain consistent email communications with staff and the Board
  • Respond to email queries within 2 business days unless otherwise noted in the request
  • Commit to meeting board work plan deadlines
  • Read all meeting materials and minutes, and provide feedback, if necessary
  • Maintain confidentiality of board work by not sharing with others outside of the NONPF Board

Failure to meet your Board responsibilities may result in your removal from the Board.  

In 200 words/1400 characters or less, please describe your preparation for the position of (secretary, board member at large, nominating committee) in terms of your academic leadership, leadership roles in and outside of NONPF, and unique attributes that separate you from other candidates.
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