NONPF 2018 Election - Call for Nominations

NONPF 2018 Election

 Deadline:  November 1, 2017


Vacant Positions


President-Elect (2018-2022):

It shall be the duty of the president-elect to carry out such functions as are delegated and, in the absence of the president, to act on her/his behalf.  If the president is unable to perform her/his duties or vacates the office for any reason, the president-elect will assume the presidency. The president-elect shall serve as the liaison for the Special Interest Groups (SIG) Steering Committee and shall represent the SIGs’ issues to the Board of Directors. The president-elect shall serve as chair of the SIG Steering Committee.

Key Activities: (1) Monitors SIG activities and chairs the SIG Steering Committee; (2) tracks strategic planning and implementation of initiatives; (3) tracks national issues; (4) participates in monthly Board conference calls and Board meetings (minimum of 2 per year); (5) sustains weekly Board email communications; (6) serves on the Executive Committee; (7) prepares to assume the full scope of liaison and representation activities of the President; and (8) participates ex-officio on the Nominating Committee.

Treasurer (2018-2020):

The treasurer shall be responsible for all fiscal matters and the accounting thereof and provide oversight for the disbursement of funds in accordance with rules and instructions established by the Board of Directors.  An audit shall be conducted minimally at the end of the treasurer’s term of office and adopted by the Board of Directors.

Key Activities:  (1) Monitors fiscal activities; (2) develops the annual budget for Board approval; (3) identifies opportunities for improving the fiscal growth and stability of the organization; (4) shall serve on the Finance, Capital Development and Marketing Committee; (5) works with standing committees to identify fund-generating activities; (6) participates in monthly Board conference calls and Board meetings (minimum of 2 per year); (7) sustains weekly Board email communications; and (8) serves on the Executive Committee.

Directors-At-Large (2018-2020):

Members shall elect 3 candidates.   It shall be the duty of Directors-at-Large to act on behalf of the organization in the arrangement and management of activities and in policy formation not explicitly assigned as a responsibility of an officer of the organization.  Directors-at-Large will be assigned specific duties to carry out the work of the Board and the organization.  These duties may include providing liaison or leadership to the standing committees of the organization (Member Resources, Curricular Leadership, Faculty Development, and Finance, Capitol Development and Marketing).

Key Activities: (1) Liaison to standing and special committees, and lead ongoing and new initiatives; (2) participates in monthly Board conference calls and a minimum of 2 Board meetings per year; (3) participates in strategic planning and implementation of tactical initiatives; (4) sustains weekly Board email communications; (5) tracks the assignments and work of standing committees and ad hoc task forces; and (6) assumes duties and assignments as necessary to advance the mission.

Nominating committee (2018-2020):

Members shall elect 2 candidates to serve on the Nominating Committee. The committee prepares an annual slate of nominees for election to NONPF and oversees the annual election.  Members of the committee cannot run for office while serving on the committee but are eligible to run one year later in the next election.

Key activities: (1) Develops candidate eligibility criteria; (2) identifies candidates & solicits nominations for Board vacancies; (3) submits a slate of candidates to the Board and membership; and (4) oversees the election process.


Candidate Qualifications:

The Nominating Committee will consider candidates’ experiences and skills relative to NONPF’s leadership model and advancing the goals of the organization. Candidates must demonstrate a commitment and willingness to serve on a working Board and, accordingly, to accept assignments related to the work of the organization.   The NONPF leadership model includes a Board composed of 4 officers (who serve on the Executive Committee) and 7 directors-at-large who will provide governance to the organization while implementing the organization’s strategic plan through a structure of 4 standing committees and special or ad hoc committees.  Individuals can serve no more than 2 terms consecutively in the same position and no more than 6 consecutive years in any position on the Board.

The committee will review and determine the slate based on the following criteria:

  • Minimum of two candidates for each open seat and a maximum of three.
  • Two-year minimum years as member of NONPF.
  • Experience in NONPF (workgroups, committees or SIGs) or related experience in other nursing organizations.
  • Representation of school of size, geographic areas and programs.

For any questions you can contact Mary Beth Bigley, NONPF CEO at or Loureen Downes, Chair, Nominating Committee




Please write a statement of 300 words or less that summarizes Nominee's academic and/or clinical background and leadership roles (e.g., organizational, policy education, etc), and experience relative to the position sought (e.g., strategic planning, goal setting, problem solving, etc.):
In a written statement of 300 words or less, please identify Nominee’s experience/roles in NONPF and link qualities and strengths the Nominee would bring to the position, specifically addressing NONPF’s current goals (Goals: 1) Quality; 2) Policy, 3) Diversity; 4) Scholarship, and 5) Engagement.)

***please refer to the NONPF History and Goals description:
Board members attend 3 meetings per year, including one held before the annual conference and one before the Fall conference. Nominees who are elected to serve should plan to attend the NONPF Board meeting (April 18, 2018) in Indianapolis, IN. Board members participate on monthly calls to track activities of the organization and must track Board communications via electronic mail weekly. Candidates should plan for a minimum commitment of 4 hours per week, on average, for NONPF-related business, including planning & implementation. NONPF will provide an orientation to new Board members. Board members are asked to complete conflict of interest forms annually to disclose other activities

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