Position Statements & White Papers
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NONPF Position Statements and White Papers


Statements and Papers from NONPF on the Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP)

NP DNP Education: Certification and Titling Unified Statement (2008) - from NONPF and other NP organizations
Criteria for Scholarly Projects (2007)
Response to the Recommendations for Clinical Hours & Degree Title (10/06)
Faculty Qualifications, Faculty Development, and Student Admissions Criteria (2006)
NP Practice Doctorate Competencies (2006)
NONPF Recommendations (11/05)
Statement from NONPF Board of Directors (11/04)
Statement from NONPF Board of Directors (1/04)
Statement from NONPF Board of Directors (4/02)
Strategic Initiative (2002)



Statements and Papers from NONPF on a Variety of Topics

Psychiatric-Mental Health NP Education White Paper

A multi-organizational task force developed the paper "Faculty Preparation, Faculty Development, and Program Evaluation Criteria for Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Education: A White Paper" (2010).  This paper is intended as resource to faculty and directors in psychiatric-mental health NP programs to facilitate program congruence with the Criteria for Evaluation of Nurse Practitioner Programs.  NONPF, as well as the International Nurses Society on Addictions, have endorsed this document.  We hope that this document will give useful guidance to programs.  The document is specific to the current edition of the Criteria for Evaluation of Nurse Practitioner Programs (2008) and does not address the 2008 Consensus Model for APRN Regulation
NP Specialization Statement During the April 2006 business meeting, the NONPF membership approved the NONPF Statement on NP Specialization.  The NONPF Board of Directors prepared this statement initially during the development of a national consensus statement to identify recommendations regarding APRN regulation, specialization, and sub-specialization. The NONPF Board of Directors feels strongly that for regulation purposes NP specialization must be at the broad level with the opportunity for specialization to enhance care.  The final Consensus Statement on APRN Regulation does introduce a model for APRN regulation that is congruent with the views of NONPF as presented in this statement.
Adolescent Immunizations Statement "Adolescent Immunizations," the joint statement of the American Nurses Foundation, the American College of Nurse Practitioners, the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners, the National Association of School Nurses, and NONPF, was updated in 2006.  This statement addresses what nurses can do help address the Healthy People 2010 objective to increase vaccination coverage rates for adolescents aged 13 to 15 to 90%.
Clinical Evaluation  The NONPF Board approved this statement in April 2003.  The Educational Standards and Guidelines Committee developed the statement to reaffirm the organizational commitment to maintaining the standard of faculty observation of the NP student’s clinical performance with patients.  The statement also identifies recognized methods for direct observation
Faculty Practice: An Expectation of Professionalism Written by Kathryn A. Blair, PhD, APRN-BC, FNP; Patricia Dennehy, RN, MS, FNP; and Patricia White, PhD, APRN-BC for NONPF, this statement highlights the NONPF position that faculty practice is an expectation of the professional NP faculty role.
Faculty Practice Promotion & Tenure

 The former Faculty Practice Committee prepared this statement to address faculty practice in the tenure and promotion process.  Findings from the NONPF Faculty Practice Survey (Pohl, 1999) are included to help describe the state of faculty practice activity in the country. Additionally, the scholarship of practice is defined and the recognition and integration of scholarly practice as a viable, essential component in promotion and tenure guidelines in contemporary academia is proposed.

International Experiences Guidelines  The former NONPF Global Advancement Committee developed the Guidelines for Establishing International Experiences. The guidelines are designed to provide faculty in nursing programs criteria with which to develop, implement, and evaluate international learning experiences.



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