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NONPF is pleased to present this section of the Web site as a resource to preceptors and others actively engaged in the clinical education of nurse practitioner students.  We will post here what we believe will be useful materials to support quality clinical experiences.  As well, we will use this site to allow faculty and preceptors to share insights and tips.  We wish to recognize the generous contribution of Walgreens Healthcare Clinics that supported development of this site as well as some specific resources to support preceptor professional development.


NONPF is pleased to present brief video vignettes to offer orientation to preceptors on working with particular NP students. Topics:

Acute Care NP Student
Primary Care NP Student
Overly Confident NP Student
Overly Sensitive NP Student

Under the leadership of Dr. Jane Kapustin, NONPF members developed the vignettes.  NONPF thanks all of the contributors.

In addition, Dr. Susan Corbridge has coordinated the development of additional vignettes.  The newest release is "Preparing NP Students for Pediatric Clinical Experiences."

Learn more and access these complimentary videos from the Vignettes Page.


NONPF announces the release of the new edition of Partners in NP Education: A Preceptor Manual for NP Programs, Faculty, Preceptors, and Students (2nd Edition).  As the title suggests, the manual offers guidance to each of the partners in NP clinical education.  In a user-friendly format, modules present partner-specific information.  A CD comes with the manual to facilitate duplication of content for the partners and customization of sample forms.  The manual is available to order through the NONPF Store.


Complement the manual with a preceptor orientation video.  This 40-minute video offers a general introduction to the preceptor role and key responsibilities.  The video is available to purchase in combination with the Preceptor Manual through the NONPF Store.


Dr. Susan Corbridge is working with NONPF members to develop additional videos to add to the Vignettes resource section of the portal.  Future vignettes will include one offering guidance for non-NPs in precepting the student and another for the preceptor working with interprofessional student groups.

What other topics would you like?  Have a vignette you have developed? Send us your ideas!

New Resource!

Developed by seasoned NP educators, a set of frequently asked questions (FAQs) address some of the most common inquiries that a preceptor may have.  The questions and answers address topics such as why to be a preceptor, how to get started,  and expectations of all of the partners. 

The FAQs were developed as a companion to the preceptor orientation vignette video, which is available for purchase in a package with the Preceptor Manual (see NONPF Store for details).  Download the FAQs here and share in your preceptor orientation!


What do programs offer preceptors as rewards for providing clinical education to their NP students?  What do preceptors find most valuable to receive in recognition for the time they spent with NP students?

The Preceptor Manual - Partners in NP Education - lists some ways to recognize and reward preceptors.  We would like to hear from NP programs about what rewards are useful and well-received.  We also want to hear from preceptors on what you think is most useful. 

Please complete our
Preceptor Rewards Survey

NONPF will post findings on this Portal. We hope to facilitate the sharing of many good ideas across NP programs.


The NONPF Web site includes various resources that may be useful to preceptors.  The following are a sampling:

Criteria for Evaluation of Nurse Practitioner Programs - presents the national standards for evaluation of all NP educational programs.

NP Competencies- the NP core and population focus competencies that a NP student must demonstrate upon graduation. 

Consensus Model for APRN Regulation - a nationally-recognized model for the regulation of the 4 APRN roles.  Addresses changes needed for licensure, accreditation, certification, and education.

 Primary Care and Acute Care Certified NPs - a statement that gives guidance on the distinctions in practice and educational preparation.

Nurse Practitioner Perspective on Education and Postgraduate Training - a multi-organizational statement about NP preparation.

 NONPF is eager to hear from you about other resources for preceptors that would be helpful to keep on this Portal.  We also will welcome contributions of resources developed outside of the organization.  Our goal is to use the Portal to centralize access to materials that will help preceptors and that may be useful also to NP faculty involved in clinical education.